Maple / Red Gum Smoked Bacon

Palmdale Meat, Poultry and Seafood, in the North Adelaide Village, smoke their own long and short back bacon.  Truly smoked, they don’t use “liquid” smoke, no – their Bacon is smoked over authentic Red Gum Sawdust, with just a hint of Gluten Free true Maple Syrup. This on-site smoked bacon lends a flavour you are highly unlikely to have experienced before.

When it became increasingly obvious that if Palmdale Meats were to continue to offer high quality, fabulous tasting Gluten Free Bacon at a reasonable price – they had to start smoking it themselves.

You might even be surprised to hear that bacon is good for you too.  Why?…..

First the bad.  It is interesting to note, that the Bacon you are buying from supermarkets and the majority of other Butcher Shops is not actually smoked over smoke – there is a liquid smoke used to “flavour” the bacon, Liquid! Beware the “smoke flavour” information on your supermarket packet.  These cheaper forms of bacon are packed with higher than necessary salt levels and full of preservatives.

But not at Palmdale Meats! They cure Bacon for the proper length of time (no need for too much salt), smoke it correctly over authentic Red Gum sawdust (no need for preservatives or artificial flavours) and provide the keen sense of professional ethic you need to have the truly magnificent flavour and texture that is totally gluten free.  John Keough and Kym Kessner, from Palmdale Meats, have researched and tested correct smoking techniques, and skill required, over the course of many months and the results are amazing.

As for being healthy for you.  Studies have shown that good quality Bacon, such as the Palmdale Meats smoked on-site bacon, is low in carbs, has high HDL (good fats), is high in some incredibly necessary nutrients that help promote healthy hair, body and skin – amongst other benefits.

The Bacon at Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood at the North Adelaide Village, comes in two forms.  The long and the short cut bacon.

The Short cut bacon is the leanest of the two – and although generally a touch pricier, it works out just as economical as the long cut as the rind is already off, so what you buy is what you can use.  Rindless Short Cut Bacon.

The Long cut bacon is something most Butchers don’t tackle.  It maybe easy for you to cook, it requires skill to make it for you.  Of course the highly professional people at Palmdale Village Meats have the experience to do it beautifully! Why is it tricky to make?  It needs a high level of skill to maintain it’s integrity during the curing process to retain Gluten Free status.  With exquisite care and skill, John Keough is able to ensure the Long Back Maple / Red Gum smoked bacon is not only absolutely delicious, but totally, 100% Gluten Free.