Oyster Blade, the underrated steak

Oyster Blade Steak.  Slow cooking, roasting and for the BBQ – it is equally at home in all three situations, and can give you exceptional results – our Butchers at Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood can help you get a delicious outcome.

Slow Cooking: When you have a slow cooking recipe, such as the Beef Bourguignon on the previous page or your favourite casserole, it may be Gravy Beef that you turn to first.  It’s true that Gravy Beef has a wonderful amount of internal gelatin – so good for us in many ways. What is less well known, is that Oyster Blade Steak actually has a higher level.  What is often mistaken for gristle is a delicious internal band of gelatin which breaks down on cooking, giving a superior flavour and texture to your meal.

Gravy Beef is delicious, it’s true – it will take 3-4 hours of slow cooking as a minimum to make it truly tender but has the benefit of keeping it’s shape – so the size of cubes/slices you put IN a recipe, are largely the sizes you get OUT at the end of cooking.

Oyster Blade Steak is a little more forgiving in that it takes much less to become tender – so if time is an issue, you can get an equally tender casserole, or ragu, in only 2-3 hours.  What I like the best about Oyster Blade Steak in a slow cooked meal, is that with longer cooking, it will start to break down further to a “pulled beef” consistency and that suits my style of cooking much better – I love making slow cooked meals true, but this is best for Mexican, great for Pies and wonderful for Soups too – what’s more, it’s easier for even re-heating (if there are ever any leftovers).

Roasting:  Oh Yes!  If you are after a tender, slow cooked roast, just ask John or Kym, or any of the friendly staff at Palmdale Butchers, for a whole Oyster Blade.  This lovely piece of meat is just absolutely perfect for slow cooked roasts either in covered inthe oven or as a pot roast.  John could also tell you how to cook it in a camp oven over hot coals – one of his favourite dishes while camping.

BBQ: What makes this cut truly versatile, is that – with a little care – it can also be a fantastic BBQ steak.  How much care?  You just need to remember that because of the inner gelatin goodness, if you cook it on a hot BBQ the fibres will tighten up and you’ll get less than impressive results.  What you need to do, is cook the steak over a lower heat over a longer time. John or Kym will help you with times and temperatures for the steak sizes you choose.

Do you still have questions?

  • How long to cook your steak?
  • What’s the best meat for which dish?
  • How much will you need?
  • How thick/thin should it be cut?

Remember, the staff at Palmdale Meat, Poultry and Seafood are the experts.  They are genuinely only too happy to help you will all these questions and may help you with a recipe or two too if needed.

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