Palmdale Turkey selections – and how to cook them

Turkey = Christmas right?  Luckily, Palmdale Village Meats, Poultry and Seafood has a very wide variation of Gluten free, Nitrate Free, Turkey Roasts – from smaller 1 kilo rolled roasts, to large 8 kilo full Turkeys.  Seasoned or not, as per your request!  Gluten free stuffing available!

While Turkey can be a truly delicious meal, it is a very lean meat and can be easily overcooked. Not only is it a leaner meat than you may be used to, but it is generally the only time of the year we are cooking such a large roast – and possibly even the only time this year you’re cooking Turkey.

There are only a certain number available in each size, so it is best to order them. Call in or ring, you don’t need to pick your roast up until you need it, but you do need to order it now (08) 8267 5498

For full range, and taking the mystery out of how to cook them… read on.

Lets say right from the start… The easiest way of cooking Turkey, is to buy a special Pop-Up Timer from Palmdale Meats.

They’re only $2.50 and all you need to do is put it into your roast/roll, when it pops up… take the roll/roast out of the oven.  That’s it!  The accommodating people at Palmdale Village Meats can help you by putting the timer into the right part of your choice of Roast.

  • Full Turkeys.

    • Range of sizes from 4kg (10 people) to 8kg (20 people)
  • Turkey Buffet / Turkey Crown

    • “Top” of the bird, all breast, no legs
    • Approx 4kg (8-10 people)
    • Why?  This roast gives you all white meat. It is really delicious, not to mention easy to carve.
  • T-Rump Roast.

    • Approx 1 kilo in size (3-5 people)
    • Boneless Turkey Thigh Roast.
    • Skin on
    • Rolled, unseasoned.
  • Turkey Breast Roll

    • Skin on
    • 1.5k (5-6 people), 2k (8-10 people), 2.5k (10-12 people)
    • Easy carve
    • Plain or seasoned as requested
  • Chickens

    • That’s right – why go for a Turkey if there is only a few of you but you want a full bird.  A Greenslades Free Range Chicken may be all you need.
    • Chickens are available in 1.6 to 4 kilogram sizes
    • Yes, you still need to order these


You don’t need to have your Turkey (or chicken come to think of it) stuffed – it can be left plain for your own magical touch. But if you would like Palmdale Village Meats, Poultry and Seafood to season your roast for you, choose one of ours, or bring your own.

    • Cranberry and Pinenut – Gluten Free
    • Apricot, Cashew and Turkey Mince – Gluten Free
    • Traditional Bread Stuffing – Bread, Diced Ham, Herbs and Egg – Gluten Free on request
    • Have your own stuffing?  Bring it along for us to use for you

Cooking Instructions

  • Full Turkeys

    • 180oC oven (160C fan forced) and 45 minutes per kilo.
    • Times approx – keep an eye on timer and bird
      • 4 kilo = 3.00 hours
      • 5 kilo = 3.45 hours
      • 6 kilo = 4.30 hours
      • 7 kilo = 5.15 hours
      • 8 kilo = 6.00 hours
  • Rolled Turkey Roasts

    • 180oC oven (160C fan forced).
    • Less time needed than full turkey 40 minutes / kilo
    •  Times approx – keep an eye on timer and roast
      • 1.5 kilo = 1.00 hour
      • 2.0 kilo = 1.20 hours
      • 2.5 kilo = 1.40 hours


  • Oven Bags?  Certainly will keep bird moist, and reduces the need for basting – no crispy skin though.  Can make for very flavoursome meat.
  • Cover roasting pan completely in Foil? Not as flavour/moisture locking as an oven bag, but will keep some moisture in and still allows for the ability of basting and taking off towards the end if you are wanting a crispy skin.
  • Basting method?  Absolutely fine, deliciously crispy skin – but best to cover the extremities in foil (wing and leg tips) and baste regularly.  Might even be best to cook for longer, on a slightly lower temp

Complimentary Sauces

Not sure about how to cook your selection?  Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood – North Adelaide – are always here to help you. Call in to Palmdale Village Meats in the North Adelaide Village,  81 O’Connell St, North Adelaide.

There’s 2 hours free parking in the North Adelaide Village Centre, come and see us.

(08) 8267 5498