Quality Thick Beef Sausages

Lets Talk Palmdale Village Meat’s Quality Thick Beef Sausages.  With Palmdale Sausages, don’t think of the highly processed supermarket things that masquerade as sausages but are generally just a huge list of indecipherable “stuff” in tubes.

That’s why you go to a reputable Butcher like Palmdale Village Meats – one that makes their own sausages. Palmdale sausages are only “processed” in the manner of mixing the very few ingredients and filling the casings.

Palmdale makes delicious Thick Beef Sausages with only

  • Minced Beef
  • Gluten Free Rice Flour mix
  • Herbs
  • A little white pepper……
  • All wrapped in a Natural Casing

ALL Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood sausages are

  • Completely Gluten Free
  • Absolutely Nitrate Free
  • Totally Nitrite Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Very Lean
  • Absolutely delicious!

For further infomation and recipe ideas, read on….

Why Sausages?  We’ve already covered why Palmdale Village Meat’s sausages are the absolute winners in the Sausage olympics… but why buy them for your family?

  1. They are made totally in house at Palmdale Butcher’s, you KNOW what you are getting!
  2. They’re very easy to cook.
    • Answering “HOW long they’ll take to cook” is like answering “how long is a piece of string”?  Basically…. Depends on how hot, where, what on etc.  But as a rule of thumb, plan for about twice as long as you’d cook your thin sausages.
  3. They’re easy to EAT.
    • Eat them on the go on a piece of bread
    • Good for finicky eaters
    • Great for people who are having trouble eating.  Perhaps those who’ve recently had dental surgery or have a sore jaw.
  4. They lend themselves better for a fancier meal – Sausages in Brown Onion Gravy, for instance
  5. They’re high in Protein!  Having such a small number of extra ingredients (the rice flour, herbs and spices) means they’re mostly MEAT!!  THAT means they’re filling, you’ll need less!
  6. Low in fat.
    • Healthier, but just as important….
    • It works out cheaper! Cooking very lean sausages means that the sausage that you START to cook, is mainly the sausage that you will end up with! (although cooked of course). You won’t lose bulk through the escape of half the ingredients (ie the fat in “normal”, NON Palmdale, sausages). So… you can buy fewer
  7. They’re versatile.  Great for Breakfast, dinner OR lunch 🙂


  • Have you had the Beef and would like to try something different? There are also Thick Pork, Thick Lamb and Thick Chorizo sausages.
  • Want a different flavour?  Something JUST for you? With a few days notice and noting that there is a 5kg minimin purchase… Palmdale Meats can do any flavour for you.  Recently, for example, they were asked to make a South African Sausage, Boerewors – a spicy looooong one piece sausage cooked curled in a spiral.
  • Have an intolerance to rice flour or any other intolerances?  Have a word with John (Manager of Palmdale) for a list of alternatives

Would you like some recipe ideas?

  • Of course #1 is on the BBQ!
  • Easy Sausage Rolls…. just wrap the sausages in Puff Pastry, cut into sausage roll sizes. Brush the top with an egg wash (dusting of salt and pepper, poppy or sesame seeds), cook at 220oC for 10-15 minutes – until brown and crispy
  • Curried Sausages (recipe to come)
  • Sausages in Brown Onion Gravy

Not sure about how to cook your selection?

Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood – North Adelaide – are always here to help you.

Call in to Palmdale Village Meats in the North Adelaide Village
81 O’Connell St, North Adelaide
2 hours free, undercover, car parking available

(08) 8267 5498