Fresh Flathead Fillets

Local Flathead fillets delivered daily.

  • Filleted fresh daily ideal in the pan with butter & cracked pepper.
  • Or beer battered (coopers pale ale)
  • A nice fresh salad white wine or finish the left over coopers

Harvey Bay Scallops

Harvey bay scallops a great starter.

  • Cook on the bbq in the shell.
  • Can be cooked in a pre heated oven 10 minutes max on 160c.
  • Ideal with a nice white wine.
Palmdale Smoked Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Tasmanian atlantic salmon a healthy fantastic flavoured fish

  • Fresh filleted to our store daily.
  • Skin side down first in the pan get it nice and crispy about 4 minutes,  turn cook for 3 mins then rest for 3 minutes and serve.
  • Or we can skin the fillets and you can poach it in a white wine sauce.
  • A healthy source of protein and rich in omega 3.
  • Goes well with a nice sauvignon blanc.

Pt Lincon Tuna

Fresh southern blue fin tuna delivered to us daily

  • Ideal source of iron.
  • A stable tasty fish.
  • Ideal with a nice tossed salad.

SA King Prawns

South Australian spencer gulf king prawns.

  • Idea in a salad.
  • These prawns make a great prawn cocktail.
  • Green SA prawn meat also available.
  • We only use the large whole SA king prawns.
  • They go well with a nice white wine or cold beer.

Coffin Bay Oysters

Fresh coffin bay oysters opened daily.

  • Fresh natural oysters with lemon and cracked pepper.
  • Or cooked your way.

SA Garfish

Fresh SA garfish fillets delivered daily.

  • Grilled or battered.
  • A great tasting fish.
  • Idea for lunch time with a tossed salad.

Smoked Rainbow Trout

Cooked on premises tender and a great flavour.

  • Can be served on a platter with comdiments.
  • Ideal in a salad.
  • Great for when you are entertaining.

SA Blue Swimmer Crabs

Local blue swimmer crabs mainly from september till april.

  • A great summer dish with a salad.
  • pickled crab meat also available.

Smoked Salmon Cooked In Store

Our In Store Smoked Salmon is The Best .

  • Smoked in store daily a healthy lunch with salad.
  • Ideal to serve on a platter.
  • Perfect for entertaining.
  • If you like smoked salmon come in and try it.Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a taste