Why we are Palmdale Village Meats, Poultry and SEAFOOD!

Why we are Palmdale Village Meats, Poultry and SEAFOOD!

While Palmdale Meats are the best butchers in Adelaide, with the best range of high quality free range Beef, Pork and Chicken – we are also known as having a wide range of top quality Seafood.

it’s only logical after all – both John and Kym are avid Fishermen!  While John prefers land based fishing, Kym does both land and boat fishing, he is a well respected member of the SA Game Fishing Club.

Both men are highly skilled fishermen… what does that mean for you?  They KNOW fish!  They know what is

John catching fish at Tri-Rivers in Victoria

fresh, what is in season, which is best, and….. just as important…. how to cook it!

So, What do we have?

Watch our video, or read below. 🙂

Our Salmon Range

Smoked Salmon – Best in Adelaide, no doubt! Beautiful with our Palmdale Mayo.

There is also our Fresh Atlantic Salmon – Palmdale purchases Salmon farmed only by reputable, sustainable, companies.  While we cut the fillets into easy to select 250g pieces – you can order a full side of Salmon if you wish.  A whole fish even, with at least 24hour’s notice.

Rainbow Trout

We have 3 offerings in our Rainbow Trout range

  1. Smoked Rainbow Trout
  2. Plain Fresh Rainbow Trout
  3. Fresh Rainbow Trout, with added Fresh Lemon and Dill, wrapped in Foil.  15-20 minutes in the oven and your have a beautiful meal!

Fish regularly in our range

  • Northern Territory Barramundi
  • Australian Gar Fish
  • Flathead
  • Snapper
    and as often as possible…
  • Coorong Mullet

Fish subject to Market Availability

  • Tommy Ruff
  • Swordfish
  • Whiting
  • Lingfish
  • Flake

Other products in our Seafood Range

  • Australian Squid Tubes – Frozen or Thawed
  • Coffin Bay Oysters – Schucked and 1/2 doz per tray
  • Prawns – All Prawn selections are Individually Quick Frozen – so it’s easy to use just 1 or 2, or the whole bag, as per your needs.
    • Spencer Gulf Prawns – Cooked, Whole
    • Spencer Gulf Prawn Green Tails, Shelled and de-veined
    • Imported Green Tails, Shelled and de-veined
    • Imported Tempura Prawns.  Shelled Prawns coated in a light, crispy Asian style batter.
  • Prawn Skewers – Fresh Prawns, quick cook
  • Pots of, wild caught, Crab Claw Meat
  • Pots of Angelakis Pickled
    • Calamari Rings; and
    • Octopus tentacles

We can get, to order…

  • Crayfish Whole
  • Crayfish Tails
  • Whole Fish – of any of the fish we carry
  • Marrin

Not sure about how to cook your selection?  Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood – North Adelaide – are always here to help you. Call in to Palmdale Village Meats in the North Adelaide Village,  81 O’Connell St, North Adelaide.

There’s 2 hours free parking in the North Adelaide Village Centre, come and see us.

(08) 8267 5498