Succulent, yet crispy, Pork Belly Roast

John’s Twice Cooked Pork Roast

There are lots of things that you can do with a Palmdale Meats Pork Belly, but John’s Twice Cooked Pork Belly Roast recipe is a favourite amongst his regular customers – for the first time it is going public for the wider community.

Speak to John, or any of the Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood staff, for tweaks to the recipe Рin particular, how big a piece you need and changing the cooking times for that sized cut. Palmdale Butchers have always been known for great customer support Рparticularly with some delicious recipe ideas. For this rather famous recipe, read on….

For some information on how to get the best crackling, click here.

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Roast Pork Belly, a delicious option for the versatile Pork Belly cut

Pork Belly Ideas

Pork Belly has certainly been in “flavour” recently ūüôā – different variations of this versatile cut has been featured on MasterChef in their recent series, touted by famous/popular Chefs in books, magazines, and in many blogs‚Ķ But what is it?

It is a flat cut of meat that has a fairly high fat to meat ratio.  It is that fat to meat ratio and wide, flat shape, that lends the cut to such a variety of options, recipe wise, and the delicious taste that it is famous for.

There is some caution needed when purchasing your Pork Belly. Too fatty and the recipe will taste unpleasantly slimy.  Too little, and the tough meat (normally ameliorated by the combination of fat:meat) will be tough and dry.

Thankfully for you, Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood, only get the very best Pork Belly. Quality control has already been done, to ensure the top cut of meat is available for you.

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Palmdale Burgers

Burgers can be a quick, healthy meal. ¬†Ideal for a variety of personalities, because not only can you¬†choose from a wide range of flavours of¬†Palmdale Meats’¬†burger fillings, but your family and friends¬†can build their burger to suit their individual tastes – all with no extra work on your part.

Remember, all the burgers are made freshly on site, Nitrate Free and are completely Gluten Free

For the exhaustive list of burgers available from Palmade Butchers, read on.

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Not Sausages again?!?!

There is somthing absolutely certain in this uncertain world…. Palmdale Meats  have FANTASTIC sausages!!!  And their burgers?  Ah-mazing!

But‚Ķ sometimes you’re after something different right? ¬†Well, lucky for you – here at¬†North Adelaide Palmdale Butchers, we have a wide variety of alternatives too! ¬†All gluten free and sure to please the fanciest palate or the fussiest eater!

The best thing about the following list? If there’s a different marinade or combination you would prefer to that offered? ¬†Palmdale Meats are very happy to help you out!*

What’s more, don’t know how to cook what you choose? ¬†The staff at Palmdale Meats will be only too happy to help you with cooking instructions.

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Palmdale Meats Sausage Range

Palmdale Meats are well known for many things Рtheir amazing customer service and attention to detail not withstanding, they are well known for their fabulous smoked salmon and other smoked items.  The quality of their meats are truly second to none, with particularly strict adherence to issues such as Gluten Free meats and ensuring that everything they offer in the butcher shop is Nitrate free!  Their steaks are all aged with skill, ensuring the perfect steak everytime.

One large aspect¬†of Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood’s range are¬†their Sausages. ¬†This huge range of sausage variety are 100% both¬†Gluten and Nitrate Free.

Palmdale Meats have an every changing range, but the range at the moment holds a tasty 20 options and it isn’t even the traditional BBQ season at the moment! ¬†Special orders¬†for¬†large batches and/or particular flavours are no problem see the details at the bottom of this page.

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Slow Cooking…. Comfort Food for Cold Days

Slow Cooking‚Ķ it’s a term we pretty much all use, right? ¬†But are you doing it right? ¬†It isn’t something you can do with¬†all meats, there are special cuts of meat that are best for slow cooking. ¬†These special cuts need¬†the longer cooking time and in addition, they provide¬†the consistency you want, it doesn’t turn to mush. ¬†Slow cooked meats offset the¬†need for a¬†longer cooking time by, generally, being a cheaper cut of meat¬†and providing the most delicious taste! ¬†They even provide¬†health benefits.

For the best soup cuts, casserole cuts or roasts from Palmdale Butchers, for slowcooking Рalong with some recipe suggestions, read on.

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Beef Cheeks – how to cook

If you are like me… who had never heard of Beef Cheeks a few years ago Рyou be asking two questions.  1 Рare they really the Cheeks?  and 2 РWhy???

The answers are yes they are the Cheeks – and why? ¬†Because they are the most delicious pieces of Beef¬†you can cook (recipes below) with a surprisingly high level of medicinal benefit to your body! ¬†The texture is similar to the best parts of Lamb Shanks and Beef Cheeks actually have lower calories and ¬†higher protein – gram for gram – than a beef roast. ¬†And of course, they’re 100% Gluten Free!

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New – Ham Hocks, Smoked On Site!

With the expert care and dedication to their craft, John and Kym, from Palmdale Meats are pleased to announce that the recipe for their Red Gum Smoked Ham Hocks have been perfected, completed, available, tested and delicious!

Why home smoked?  The Flavour, along with the confidence that it is totally Gluten Free!!

Simply put, the flavour that is infused in the Ham Hocks when smoked, on site, at Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood – North Adelaide Villiage – is intense, guaranteed to make your meal extra special. ¬†I’ve found I don’t even need to add stock or stock seasoning to my meal – the hock is flavour enough!

While the first thing¬†that comes to mind, when you think of Ham Hocks, is Pea and Ham Soup – that’s not the only yummy meal you can make with this explosion of flavour!

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