New – Ham Hocks, Smoked On Site!

With the expert care and dedication to their craft, John and Kym, from Palmdale Meats are pleased to announce that the recipe for their Red Gum Smoked Ham Hocks have been perfected, completed, available, tested and delicious!

Why home smoked?  The Flavour, along with the confidence that it is totally Gluten Free!!

Simply put, the flavour that is infused in the Ham Hocks when smoked, on site, at Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood – North Adelaide Villiage – is intense, guaranteed to make your meal extra special.  I’ve found I don’t even need to add stock or stock seasoning to my meal – the hock is flavour enough!

While the first thing that comes to mind, when you think of Ham Hocks, is Pea and Ham Soup – that’s not the only yummy meal you can make with this explosion of flavour!

Smoked Ham Hocks, are a cut that is designed to be slow cooked – something easy that you can put on in the afternoon and leave simmering while you enjoy other activities or even go out.

Different type of soups you can use Palmdale Meat’s Smoked Ham Hocks in

  • The ever popular green (or yellow) split Pea
  • Vegetable
  • White bean and vegetable
  • Lentil
  • Tomato
  • Minestrone
  • Black bean
  • Potato and leek

When you are cooking a smoked ham, remember that it will take several hours on a very low simmer to cook thoroughly, to the fall off the bone consistency we all love.

Have a thought about your extra ingredients.  Are they hard, like dried split peas or beans?  These need soaking for several hours before the cooking process as they will actually take longer than the hock to cook.  Make sure you rinse them well before adding to the soup.

Cooking your Palmdale Smoked Ham Hock with softer legumes or vegetables for the full length required to have the meat to the right consistency might mean your other ingredients end up too mushy!  For these recipes, perhaps begin cooking the ham hock first, and then add the other ingredients at a time when they will be cooked perfectly as well as the meat.

For instance, Potato and Leek may only need 20-30 minutes to cook – but the Hock 2-4 hours (can’t really over cook it as long as it is covered with water and on a gentle simmer).  So, simmer the Palmdale Ham Hock in water with a few herbs and seasonings for 2-3 hours, then add the potato and leeks 30-40 minutes before serving time.

But… is soup the ONLY other method of cooking your Palmdale Meats, Seafood and Poultry Ham Hocks, smoked on site in North Adelaide?  Nope.

Try googling a few recipes, these are some you are likely to come up with.

  • Slow cooked in the oven, maybe with…
    • with apples and apple cider
    • Plum Jam and beer
    • Chilli and ginger
    • Soy and Honey
  • Terrines
  • Risottos (after cooking first)
  • Pasta Sauce

However you enjoy your smoked ham hocks – remember, Palmdale Meats smoke them on site to a strict Gluten Free recipe that you can trust!