Special Orders, Special Items, Special Diets

  • Are you a restaurant with a large order?
  • Are you on a special diet?  Either for medical or personal reasons?
  • Would you like a squilion sausages for a BBQ next weekend?
  • would you like some Suet for your plum puddings or other unusual orders?
  • Going away for the week and need your meat cryovaced?

Don’t worry if you are on a Gluten Free Diet.  With GF, you are in luck as the majority of products ARE Gluten Free at Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood in North Adelaide.  Not only the meat, chicken or fish itself which is inherently Gluten Free already – but also Gluten Free Sausages, Gluten Free Schnitzels, Smallgoods and other similar products.

But, What if you need all your meat Crovaced for a holiday, if you are on a completely different diet, like the HFLC diet?  That is High Fat, Low Carb diet You may be having a special barbecue and, boy, do you need a LOT of sausages and chops – or you would like them done a particular way – read on

Cryovac Your Meat

If you have a need for your meat to be cryovaced, just ring through your order a few hours before you pick it up – or leave the order with the friendly staff at Palmdale Meats while you  shop and sup at the other shops in the Adelaide Shopping Village.  You have 2 hours free parking, make the most of it.

It is best if John or Kym gets at least a few hours notice for to Cryovac, more in busy times around Easter or Christmas, if the order is a large one. So, ring them on (08) 8267 5498 with your order, or leave your meat order and cryovac method with them the day or so before you need it.

Special Recipes

Would you like a particular flavoured sausage – or – a special filling for your roasts?

Some examples are:-

  • High Fat Sausages for the HFLC way of eating – with no rice binders
  • Super chilli sausages – want a special zing?
  • YOUR special stuffing in a roast

With at least 3 days notice and a minimum of 5kg made at a time, John or Kym at Palmdale Meats, North Adelaide Shopping Village, are happy to produce special orders for YOUR preference.  Call them on (08) 8267 5498 with your order.

Special Cuts / Processes

There are many different ways of cutting a steak, of making a roast or trimming chops to mention just a few.  Some methods fall out of favour for a while, while some have been gone for some time – but you want something special.  Perhaps you remember the Bolar Roasts from your childhood, you want the rind left on your bacon or you want your steak cut yay big – or thin, your sausages smaller or out of season favourites like smoked hocks in the middle of summer.

Give them a little time, and John or Kym at Palmdale Meats, North Adelaide Shopping Village, are happy to produce, source and/or make special orders for you. Call them on (08) 8267 5498 with your order or leave a list with them while you complete your other shopping or have a bite to eat.

Some items may need to be ordered in, so leave yourself a bit of time.

Large Orders

Large orders for special events or for restaurants are the speciality for Palmdale Meats, North Adelaide.  John and Kym already provide restaurants with a regular meat order.  Occasionally there will be requests for large orders such as 50-100k of sausages for a fund raising sausage sizzle, easily filled with a bit of notice.

With at least 3 days notice (sometimes less), John or Kym at Palmdale Meats, North Adelaide Shopping Village, are happy to produce those special amounts for you. Call them on (08) 8267 5498 with your order.

Unusual Orders

You may ask yourself what on earth can be unusual in a Butcher Shop?  Some things are unusual merely because it is the “wrong” time of year.  Most people don’t go looking for Smoked Hocks to make a thick soup in summer, but with a little notice, John or Kym can get them for you.

There are other things that people may look for that aren’t available on a regular basis – suet for plum puddings – duck fat – chicken skins – lard are a few that spring to mind.

As with everything else, special or unusual orders are no problem for the team at Palmdale Meats.  Some may need more time to source than others – some you may be surprised to find in stock already.  Give Palmdale Meats, Poultry and Seafood a call.  If they don’t have it – they can order it in or make it for you!

(08) 8267 5498